additional MC options
To add that extra dimension to your conference experience, I have developed two valuable additions for my clients - a communication booster and a physical energiser...

Option 1 - Dealing With Difficult ('different') People

Have you ever met someone for the first time and found yourself getting along really well with them? For whatever reason you just like that person. Or perhaps the opposite, where you don’t get on with them at all and you're left wondering why?

It could be a simple case of not recognising their behaviour style. They could be thinking in a similar or different way to you, but unless you know what to look for, you'll just be confused about what's happening.

Imagine how much easier life would be if everybody thought exactly the same way as you … dealing with customers, suppliers, fellow workers, even family members, would be a breeze.

I have developed an informative and interactive workshop which explains the different behaviour styles we encounter everyday. In clear, simple language you will learn how to recognise each of the styles and then work through practical examples, to enable you to deal more effectively with them.

Option 2 - Getting Fired-Up!

To help my customers ‘macs-imise’ their investment in conference events, I can offer a Group Corporate Exercise session. Many conference delegates find a full day in the venue, regardless of the quality of the content or the room, leaves them feeling mentally exhausted and physically drained.

Research has shown that undertaking some physical activity before, or after a conference day, will increase the ability of participants to absorb and retain the information. That’s where I come in!

As an accredited fitness instructor, I can design and lead a range of exercise experiences, from an easy walk, to a ‘commando’ style extreme workout, ideal for your delegate group. We can have fun with a ‘Mini-Olympics’ event, including team-building aspects, or run a circuit-training session which will give participants exercise ideas that they can take away and use, after your conference is finished.

Delegates to the Holden ‘Standards Co-ordinators Conference’ run by The Learning Difference! have taken part in these sessions and are available as referees, on request.

Feel free to contact me by email or phone to discuss how this concept could be added to your conference, either as part of my MC Services, or as a stand-alone element, so that together we can lift the energy level of your next conference event!