Click here for Helen Mac (she who wears orange) and find out why she refers to the popular catch-phrase of 'work-life-balance' as a MYTH! ... Is that possible? 

Helen is an expert in boosting the energy, enthusiasm and alignment of individuals and teams to create positive, productive, profitable workplaces.

Through keynote presentations, seminars & workshops and 'one-on-one' coaching, Helen helps people and organisations to reach their potential and 'macs-imise' their results.

So, if you want to get your staff, or yourself, 'juiced-up' to deal with the challenges of business and life in general, you should definitely drop in to her site.






Now let's turn our attention to the physical side of life.


To learn how you can transform your body from 'average' to 'magnificent', or even just boost your fitness level a little, click here to visit The Arena, Personal Training.

You can choose to work one-on-one with a trainer, or in groups of up to four and sessions usually range from 30 minutes, to a full hour.




The Arena is also the home of Elite-Ops Bootcamp and numerous  other adventures under the Elite-Ops banner.  

Elite-Ops Bootcamp is not just group fitness, it's a high intensity, outdoor, group personal training program, that's been designed to challenge all fitness levels ... from 'couch potatoes' to elite athletes. 

Choose from either Dusk or Dawn sessions, which are based at three different beach locations in Melbourne's bayside area ... Brighton, Mordialloc & St Kilda.