10 reasons to hire a professional MC


If you want to give your event that extra touch of polish, consider using a professional MC.

All too often companies spend large amounts of money getting the content right and sourcing speakers and trainers to inspire their people.  They spend even more on the food and beverage budget.  Sadly, they sometimes overlook the fine details, such as the Master of Ceremonies.

Some of the money that goes towards getting the right canapés and beer, could be better spent on hiring someone who will maximize the impact of your conference.

There’s a big difference between having your keynote speaker introduced by a professional, or by that nice guy from ‘Accounts Payable’ … or even worse, the office comedian!

Your audience will notice the difference and your guest speaker(s) will appreciate it too! 


10 more reasons to have a 'real' MC


1.  Adds to the credibility and importance of the event.

2.  A fresh pair of eyes on your business, an un-biased viewpoint and a clear perspective on the event, with a strong desire to help you achieve your outcomes.

3.  Helps to raise the tone of the event and reduce any possible embarrassing moments. (eg; bad taste jokes)

4.  Keeps your program on time and on track – as a neutral adviser, can more readily bring presentations to a close.

5.  Provides support for your speakers and presenters, decreasing their anxiety and helping them do their best.

6.  Ensures that speakers are introduced with appropriate sensitivity for the individual and their topic.

7.  Manages the energy flow of the event and irons out the peaks and troughs, so that audiences enjoy and learn more. 

8.  Knows how to keep the audience engaged, if there are any unforeseen gaps in the program.

9.  Your audience stays informed about any scheduling changes and unaware of any dramas that might occur behind the scenes.

10. Allows you (the organiser) to relax and concentrate on other important details.