10 tips for 'MC-ing' an event

1.  Always work with the latest schedule of events, so that you have everything covered.
2.  Make sure that times for introductions, breaks, questions, room changes, etc have been included in that schedule.

3.  Check that all of your presenters know the order in which they are appearing and how much time they’ve been allocated.

4.  Provide support for your presenters by reminding them that you’ll be on hand, to assist with any emergencies, technical or otherwise.

5.  Do your homework, then check introductions with each presenter to make sure they’re comfortable with what you plan to say about them.

6.  Position yourself near to the stage, for ease of access and so that you can keep your program on time and on track.

7.  Before the day starts, carry out a thorough check of all equipment to be used - including a sound check of all microphones and the lighting source at the podium, for presenters to read their notes.

8.  Provide a supply of drinking water (no ice, no bubbles) and plenty of glasses within easy reach of the podium.

9.  Check any catering arrangements to ensure that they coincide with your schedule. There’s nothing worse than food arriving too early, or too late.

10.  Keep the audience informed of any changes to the schedule, but don’t point-up any minor dramas that might be happening behind the scenes.

11.  If this all sounds too hard, give me a call! :)