master of ceremonies

I work on what I refer to as the Three Levels of Connection for any conference.  Firstly I help the delegates to connect with each other, through interactive discussions and by encouraging networking opportunities with other attendees.  

Secondly I connect each segment of the program, so that it flows smoothly and cohesively.

The third connection is through my involvement in future conferences or events for the same client, creating a familiar 'anchor' for the participants, enabling them to relax with someone they know and trust.



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As a professional Master of Ceremonies, I draw on over thirty years experience as an actor on television, stage and film.  My years in radio and skills as a voice-over presenter have made me a familiar voice around the country. 

I have broad exposure to industries as diverse as automotive, retail, community service and finance. Jobs have included company launches, charity gala events and national conferences. Add to this, radio and television commercials, training videos, corporate communications and interactive CD-Roms and you have an MC capable of delivering your message to any audience with style and aplomb.    

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