about lachlan

casual-aboutus.jpgSo Who Am I? 

I often joke that my education has been gathered in the field – and the fields have been many and varied. My career has led me through such diverse areas as graphic design, stage management, building, radio journalism, hospitality, voice-overs, transport, acting and most recently corporate MC work, as well as personal fitness training.

During the 90’s, I probably visited your lounge rooms several times a week as the on-screen co-presenter of the "Ford Today" infomercial series. Other clients include Holden, Australia Post, BHP, Shell, NAB and Victoria Police. My voice has been the one delivering good and bad news on a number of radio stations over the years, like the ABC, 3AW, 3AK and the now-defunct 3KZ.

More recently, you might have seen me on television in a number of episodes of Neighbours, on the made-for-TV CBS movie “Lucy”, (based on the life of Lucille Ball) or in the Navigator ad where seven of me had a conversation around a table!  but as we all know, there’s really only one Lachlan Macdonald – a masterful MC with a somewhat, familiar voice!


Me at 5

What Else Do I Get Up To? 

As a former journalist I maintain an interest in writing and have spent some time recalling and chronicling my adventures, (and mis-adventures) as a boy growing up in Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs.

Being a fan of old movies, I have taken the title of this reminiscence from a film made well before my birth - ‘How Green Was My Valley’.  It was the story of a young boy’s life growing up in the Welsh coalfields.

Of course, I’ve taken certain liberties with the original title and called my little epic ‘How Green Was My Valiant’.  A reference to one of the popular cars which young men of the town would ‘hot-up’ and drive around the streets, hoping to attract girls.

To read a sample chapter, click here .


Video editing is another hobby of mine and I like to create my own little movies and DVDs from video footage that I’ve shot.  These often take the form of family movies, birthdays, weddings, outings etc. or something that I’ve been inspired by while travelling. 

For example, after visiting Dallas Texas and spending time in Dealey Plaza, I felt moved enough to put together a piece as a tribute to JFK and what I saw as the assassination of truth.

This is currently on You Tube videos, along with another one I created when my son Scott was shooting hoops at home and scored a ‘swish’ shot that hit me right in the eye!

It wasn’t his fault, I was standing directly underneath the ring at the time … oops!


 How Do I Keep In Shape And Stay So Gorgeous?

I've always taken a keen interest in my personal fitness and this lead me to gain accreditation as a Fitness Instructor, so that I can share some of my exercise ideas with others.  As a trainer at Arena Fitness in Cheltenham, I get to be involved in some  other really cool adventure activities as well.  

Arena Fitness is the Melbourne home of 'Elite Ops Bootcamp' (which I do as a participant) and it provides an exercise experience like no other, for a wide range of fitness levels.  Abseiling is another Elite Ops adventure that's not to be missed and we do this at incredible locations, such as Werribee Gorge and The Grampians mountains in Western Victoria.  But for that really special 'once in a lifetime' adventure experience, you can join one of the Elite Ops Kokoda Trail treks with expedition leader David Stocks.